Monday, February 11, 2013

Motivate Me! (please) Monday

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Today, this motivation is deticated to other things in my life:
I've been thinking about my blog lately.
I'm not super impressed by it. It's just not what I want it to be...yet.
I've had this vision of a blog that I update at least twice a week, discuss hot topics and offer great advice. I was trying to do that for running, but my motivation has been low for it.
 It's really hard to write about something twice a week when you don't want to think about it everyday.
I love running but I'm not sure if I want to think about it all of the time.
I'd rather have fun with it and enjoy it.
Right now, I'm not enjoying it like I should.
I feel as if it's a chore that I have to keep doing every week.
And I know this happens to everyone.
Some fellow blogger friends have told me they stopped writing on their blogs (one of them had over 2,000 readers!) because it felt like it was becoming a chore rather than a hobby.
I have been considering creating another blog, solely for camp. If you don't know, I have been obsessed about being a camp professional for years. Ever since I went to summer camp about 17 years ago, I have wanted to become a camp counselor. Since becoming a camp counselor in 2005, that's all I have ever wanted to do. I even feared of getting a real job after college because I wouldn't be able to work at camp during the summers (thank goodness for the teaching profession!!).
After a few years working as a counselor, I wanted bigger and better things: aka the camp director position. So, I'm on a quest to become one!
If you have never been to camp or you hated it, what I'm saying would bore you to pieces.
Being a director is almost a full time job. It requires long hours of brainstorming, planning, paperwork, hiring, more paperwork, and keeping everything together.
I  have been working with two of the most amazing directors for the past seven years. They have inspired me to stay in the camp world, even if they didn't know that's what they were doing.
Camp has truely changed my life.
I always feel as if I have another family that I can return to every summer.
Everyone cares about each other (except for a few bad seeds that come in every few years) and it can be a real hippie-dippie kind of place.
We sing songs around the campfire, we give hugs at least 10 times a day (it's good for mental growth), and we stay up late in the bungalow, talking until midnight and listening to the owls in the trees (super I right?).
But I love

I wasn't sure about having two blogs. I know that if I go completely over to the camp topic, I will lose a lot of running readers (why would you want to read about camp??) and in turn a lot of friends (maybe not?).  
So, I'm considering merging the two into one new blog.
Running, hiking, backpacking, and of course, camp.
Basically, it would be a journal for my outdoor adventures and my journey to becoming a camp professional. I hope that it will be mostly outdoor focused but I want it to be helpful for others interested in camp as well.
Camp is something that I think about on a daily basis.
Running is something that I might think about every few days.
Why not talk about what I really want to talk about?
I would still participate in races, I would keep running with my trail running group and generally keep writing about staying fit and healthy. But, it wouldn't be the main focus. I could write about everything else too! With camp mixed in of course.
I won't end my journey on HEATRUNNER just yet.
I will need some time to create another blog.
A weekend won't do it for me.
It may happen during Rodeo Break or Spring Break.
And I still need time to think about it. :)


  1. I'm so impressed that you never gave up on your dream! You will be a great camp director!
    I started a 2nd blog recently when we got engaged and it is not too bad to do both at the same time. Both are set up in wordpress and they make it really easy. I also feature once a week a link to my new blog, so if anybody is interested they can check it out. Longterm i think, my "wedding blog" will turn into a family blog. I love to document the little things in life, we keep firgetting due to our busy schedules.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about just changing this one and creating a new focus. I would love to do two different blogs one day, I just can't seem to find the time. :/


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