Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

I got a new bike!
Ain't it a beauty?

Kali and I went for my 1st official ride Saturday morning (the rest have been rides to school so of course it doesn't count as official).
We took the path down the river and rode down to Craycroft. Not all that far, but you sure start to feel know....down there. Not so comfortable! I will definitely need some tips on this!

It wasn't a very serious ride. Not like those of you training for a tri. Nothing like that. I promise. But super awesome. :)

It was so beautiful outside! Cool temps in the 70's. A beautiful, big, blue sky overhead. No cars nearby. Perfect for riding. And running. We saw a TON of runners. Most of them were WAY fit. You know, the abs, the legs, the whole fit runner package. I was little jealous. I was very close to jumping off my bike and going for a run instead. I have a runner's mentality. 

These pictures are taken at the end of the paved path. There's a longer path down the opposite side of the wash, but it's all dirt. :c  
Sometimes, I wish my bike was a transformer and could transform into a mountain bike when I needed it to.

Plan on doing any awesome rides or runs this weekend? 

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  1. hot bike! did you buy it from a store? or from a private-party? just curious... i need to get a new (/real) bike but have been putting it off because i have heartburn over spending the money. :)


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